Why Office DOCUMENT Solutions

ODS has made MFD Copier/Printer services simple and affordable. Here’s how:

  • We removed the risk: Change or cancel your service any time. That’s right. We understand that business needs change. ODS will customise your options, or cancel if needed. We don’t penalize you with fees. It’s that easy.
  • We include everything: ODS wants to make your office operations more affordable. Our Finance Rental plans include the copier, service, parts, repairs and all toner. With this comprehensive service, there are no hidden costs. It’s that affordable.
  • We eliminate surprises: There are no fees to deliver the toner and to process your documents each month. At the end of the Rental, there is a consultation to discuss options on your agreement. ODS is different. We don’t like surprises. We are up front about your costs, which are covered with your Rental plan. It’s that complete.
  • We meet your business needs: Do you need a copier on a short-term basis or a printer for a special event? No problem. ODS can deliver equipment fast. We have a stocked warehouse for quick copier rentals in Melbourne. It’s that convenient.
  • We make tax time happier: No one likes complicated tax procedures. With a ODS Rental Agreements, your taxes are easy. Simply write off all costs as a business expense. It’s 100 percent tax deductible. There’s no need to depreciate the equipment. It’s that simple.
  • We streamline your business: Make one payment per month for all your copier and printer expenses. Your one bill per month includes all service and parts, with no hidden finance charges. Click Copiers makes your accounting quick. It’s that efficient.

Are you ready to discover simplicity, affordability, convenience and efficiency with your Rental Solutions?  Like many of our machines, ODS Copiers is all-in-one! Contact us today to take advantage of our business-boosting services.